GoGifts Best Bargains!

It’s the festive season and whether you’re shopping for Christmas, the New Year or Weddings, you know you’re on the hunt for the best bargains. We’ve got some great deals at GoGifts and here are our Top Picks!

Earbud Speakers


Now here’s a set of speakers with a sense of humor. They’re computer speakers but shaped liked oversized headphones. Make a style statement in your home or office and enjoy the fun comments they spurn up. You might even get a feel of being a Lilliputian next to Gulliver’s headphones, or an extra in ‘Honey I shrunk the kids’. The headphone speakers can be hooked up to your Ipod, MP3 player, laptop or Ipad making it convenient, universal and of course hilarious!

Large Wall Clocks


If you want to add a function yet fun wall accessory for your child’s room, how about this oversized circular wall clock packed with zesty colors and quirky numbers. It of course will help you child read the time the traditional way and offers a modern youthful touch to the room décor.

Angry Bird Cushions


The Angry Bird game is perhaps the most addictive one out there. What is it about crazy birds catapulted towards towers that have captured our imagination? Now you can catapult the bird in real life too, with the set of Angry Birds Cushions from GoGifts. In the game, the green cushion isn’t really an angry bird, it’s more like the pig that scores bonus points when smashed. That said it’s as cute as the others making it perfect for the couch, bedroom or even your kids’ room.

Visit GoGifts.in for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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