Get a Little Naughty With GoGifts

No matter how grown up we are, most of us can’t resist being a little naughty every now and then. We at GoGifts recognise this basic human urge so we’ve introduced a range of products to satisfy your mischievous urges. Here they are:

His & Her Key Chains


This set is a naughty pair – great for a private laugh or a public one if you’re happy to flaunt it. It’s a set of wooden key holders with hooks at the optimal parts of the respective wooden body. It merits a snigger at the mere mental visualization of the key holder so imagine how hilarious it would be if it were actually hanging in your home.

The Bikini Phone 


Wouldn’t you like a bikini-clad woman lounging on your desktop? Well now you almost can. The Bikini phone is a totally functional landline device shaped moulded and colored to look like the torso of a ‘Baywatch Babe’. Tickle her belly when you dial, coz that’s where the keypad is. And when you lift the receiver to talk, you’ll be rendering the poor girl topless. Now that’s an incentive to go to work if ever there was one!

Metal Traffic Signs

For some added character to your car, you have to try our metal traffic signs. They are fashioned to look quite official and serious so the innocent driver behind you or pedestrian walking by is going to actually think you’re an ‘Amateur Gynacologist’. Have some fun with these folks! They’re guaranteed to get you a second look or 5!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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