The GoGifts Raksha Bandhan Caption Contest

August 17, 2013

It’s the season to celebrate the bond between brother and sister and we at GoGifts want to help you along the way! We’ve come up with an amazing contest designed to pick your brains and have a laugh too! All you have to do is come up with a totally quirky caption for this picture. Then get your friends to ‘vote’ for your caption! The winner will receive a voucher worth Rs. 1000 from GoGifts!


To enter the contest click here.

All the best and have a great festival folks!

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Win a Retro Handset from GoGifts this Valentines Day!

January 30, 2013

It’s the year 2013, a year filled with exciting prospects and opportunities. And right in the first month of year, we at GoGifts have a very enticing opportunity! A chance to win something totally fabulous for your Valentine.

Valentines facebook banner

Is your loved one CONSTANTLY on the mobile? Do you often worry about the harmful effects of cellular phone radiation on his/ or her head? Does he or she frequently complain of neck aches and associated problems? You can make of that go away by presenting your love with a Retro Handset. Designed to look like the handsets of the ‘Tring Tring’ phones that we all grew up with, it offers the same comfort while cradling your phone. It comes with a spiralled cord that plugs directly into your cellphone’s head set port and thus reduces the radiation by over 90%.

And you can give this to your love for free!!! Simply enter our Valentines Day contest over on Facebook and you could be the lucky winner to present his or her love with this wonderful prize! So what are you waiting for? Head on over today and grab this awesome opportunity!!

A Photo Contest Just for You!!

December 27, 2012

At GoGifts, we’re all about quirky. Our gifts are quirky, our ideas are quirky and we essentially live for quirky. Now we want to see what you think quirky is. Simply visit our Facebook page and enter our Quirky Photo Contest. Then submit a photo that you think best epitomizes quirky. Could be Lady Gaga in a meat dress or elf shoes with heels – whatever you like! Then share your submission with all your Facebook friends and get them to vote for your picture.


On the first day of 2013 we will announce a winner who will receive our totally awesome UV sanitizer – great for keeping your electronic items sanitary and bacteria free.

So what are you waiting for – find a quirky picture and submit it TODAY!

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The GoGifts December Sale!!!

December 26, 2012

If you’re in Bangalore, then you’re in luck. Our GoGifts store at Phoenix Marketcity is now on SALE!!!! It’s a really fantastic deal. Spend between Rs. 1000 to 2500 and get 5% off, 2501 to 7500 gets you 7.5% off and anything above Rs. 7500 gets you 10% off!!!

It’s actually a treat to browse around our store. You’ll be privy to a host of totally quirky gadgets which our completely well-informed staff will be happy to explain to you. Plus there’s a host of stuff you’ll find here that you won’t find online, products starting from just Rs. 99!!

Hurry – just a few days remaining. The sale ends 31st December!!!


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GoGifts in the News!

July 31, 2012

We’ve made the papers people! Yesterday’s Bangalore Mirror published a full profile about our store in Phoenix Market City Mall, Bangalore. Some of our key articles have been mentioned but of course, it was impossible to cover the hundreds of quirky gifts and devices we have in our store. As they put it quite rightly, our store is a place where you will find a whole bunch of stuff you don’t really need but really really want.

As part of their weekly column on showcasing interesting and unusual stores in the city, they gave us a call and asked us to give them a little walkthrough. We had a blast giving the dope on each quirky gift as they marveled at the LED submersible lights, the cow milk jug and toy drinking roulette game.

We’re thrilled that it was published almost immediately and so kicked that they endorse our little quirky corner. For a magnified view of the article, just click on the image. Make sure you drop by our Phoenix Market City store today to get a first hand look at what so many people already know – the best way to gift is to gift quirky!

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The Secret Book Safe – A Gift for the Man Who Likes a Mystery!

April 8, 2012

I don’t really get why people like spy flicks. Endless action, car chases and gruesome assassinations can get tedious for at least half the population. But for the other half, there is nothing more captivating. Yes guys love their spies but even I have to admit that there is one component that is entertaining – the gadgets and gizmos. Pens that double as bombs, watches that are also cameras, shoes that contain rocket launchers, the list goes on.

All men have little boys in them who are aching to be spies and now you have the opportunity to indulge this guilty pleasure with the Secret Book Safe from GoGifts. Designed to blend in with your library of reference books, it contains a secret compartment to store something secret, to hide away some spare cash, keys to the cupboard, or maybe romantic love letters.

Functional and stylish, the Secret Book Safe is most of all the ideal gift for a man who enjoys intrigue and mystery. Scroll down to have look at the variations.

We want to hear from you. Leave a comment and tell us your favorite spy movie gadget.

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A Gory Yet Great Gift for a Smoker

April 4, 2012

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be a smoker these days. Most of all because the hazards are well known and publicized. Cigarette boxes and TV channels display smoking warnings. Smoking is not permitted in ‘public places’ which include pubs, bars, restaurants and essentially everywhere people socialize.

Now if someone is still not clear on the hazards of smoking, there is just one gift for them.

The coughing and screaming ashtray.

First of all it’s shaped and colored like the human lungs and the slot for the cigarette ensures that the burning edge sits nicely in the center. Then to add insult to injury, it coughs and screams whenever a cigarette is placed on it.

So who needs a health hazard warning message. This gift is graphic enough!

Best of all, order it online and get it delivered (gift wrapped) to your subject. No lectures, no advice – just a simple straightforward gift.

Do you have any novel ideas to get someone to quit smoking?

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky 

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