Christmas Gifts under Rs. 500 from GoGifts – Part 2

This Christmas you don’t have to go broke finding gifts for your friends and loved ones. GoGifts has a variety of options all under Rs. 500. This is the second of a 4-part blog series filled with fun quirky gift ideas for the festive season!!

Vinyl Pot Coaster – Rs. 399


For the retro loving, music fan how about a vinyl Pot Coaster. A trivet made of silicone designed for vinyl record lovers to brighten up your kitchen or dining table. The diameter is 150mm. They are heat safe and dishwasher safe.

His and Her Fridge Magnet Key Holders – Rs. 499


This set is a naughty pair – great for a private laugh or a public one if you’re happy to flaunt it. It’s a set of wooden key holders with hooks at the optimal parts of the respective wooden body. It merits a snigger at the mere mental visualization of the key holder so imagine how hilarious it would be if it were actually hanging in your home. Great as a Christmas Gift for a young couple who can appreciate a little mischief.

The Pressure Massager – Rs. 399


This convenient massager is based on the massage essence of traditional Chinese medicine and combined with modern electronic techniques. It is designed to dredge main and collateral channels and promote blood circulation by vibratory massage and contains curative effect for muscular soreness, fatigue, and sedentary paralysis. By using three AAA batteries and USB interface to charge, it is convenient to carry on, and is suitable for any part of human body. A perfect Christmas gift for an older member of your family!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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