Christmas Gifts under Rs. 500 from GoGifts – Part 1

It’s the festive season once again and not only is it a time for good food, parties and merriment, it’s also a time we all end up burning a hole in your pocket. Gratefully GoGifts has a wide array of gift ideas perfect for friends and family and all below Rs. 500!! In this 4  part series, we will be sharing our top picks!

Ceramic Milk Jugs – Rs. 450 


For an extremely literal breakfast experience, how about this ceramic milk cup with spots all over it, very similar to a dairy cow? It’s as close as you’re going to get to drinking milk straight from the source and makes a fun and cute addition to your breakfast table! Perfect as a Christmas Gift to a home-maker, or nurturing mom!

Grenade Salt and Pepper Shakers – Rs. 499


It’s time to arm your dining tables people! The grenade salt and pepper shakers are here to keep your taste buds exploding with each mouthful! Their ceramic outer molding feels comfortable in your hands and as you shake the spice into your food, control your impulse to duck for cover. Appropriately colored back and white for pepper and salt respectively, they come in an arms crate inspired box making them perfect to present as gifts at Christmas time or any other occasion.

Guitar Non-Slip Pad – Rs. 499


When you want something to stay stationery and not move around your table, you need a nonslip pad. And when you want it to look cool and funky then you need the Guitar Nonslip pad. Its shaped and designed to look like a guitar and ensures that anything sitting on it stays firmly in place. Perfect as a Christmas gift for the twenty something workaholic in your life

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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