This Diwali You Choose What Goes on Sale at GoGifts

This Diwali, GoGifts is going to help you get the perfect gift at an UNBELIEVABLE bargain! Simply vote on the gift you would like at 50% off. The gift with the most votes will be be discounted by 50% for one week or until stocks last!!!! Here are the products on offer!!

Twilight Sea Turtle

The Twilight Sea Turtle is just great for your kids’ room! As with real turtles, the body is soft while the shell is hard. When it’s turned on, the LED lights within the shell light it up and fill the room, walls and ceiling with different colors and shapes all projected from the shell. It’s sure to mesmerize your child and create a extremely warm ambience at the same time! Click here to vote!

Portable Scale

Weighing scale

If you’re keen on staying fit and trim, you need to weigh yourself anywhere any time and with calibrations varying on different scales, wouldn’t it be great if you could take your scale wherever you go. The portable weighing scale offers you this opportunity. Extremely lightweight and compact, its digital pop out display will tell you your weight whenever you need to know and its convenient size allows you to slip it into your carry bag for weighing on the go. And for a little humor, don’t miss its outer design, which resembles an airmail envelope with the fitting caption – Bonjour Chocoholic! Click here to vote!

Skull Phone


This skull phone adds an eerie spooky feel to any desk space. The handle which is shaped like a bone, stores in the gaping mouth of the skull giving the appearance of a truly spine tingling accessory. What’s more, shake the skull and the eyes wobble leaving you with chills. The skull phone is available in 3 colours, a frosty white, a cold gun metal and a shiny silver.Click here to vote!

Hurry contest closes on 31st October!!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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