The GoGifts Spa!

Rest, relaxation, recovery – those are the three R’s for extreme wellness and usually we have to spend pockets of money at a high profile spa to get it! Not any more, thanks to the GoGifts Spa, you can get all the rest and relaxation you need right at home. Our range of massagers are just divine and this blog is dedicated to them:

Neck Massager with Speakers


Why go to a spa when you can get the perfect massage right in the comfort of your home? This massage cushion is optimally sized to offer relaxing vibrations on your neck. It’s so versatile and convenient that it is guaranteed to provide you all the relief you need after a long day at the office. Or better still take it to work. Its perfect to calm down after a stressful conference call or extended meeting. And if long drives are your curse, then use it the car to revitalize your exhausted body. The inbuilt speakers with standard 3.5mm audio jack allows you to connect any of your favorite devices such as your phone, mp3 etc. &  listen to your favorite tunes during your massage and its restricted volume feature ensures you will be safe from loud blasts of sound. Available in 3 vibrant colors to suit your moods.

Pressure Massager

group-displayThis convenient massager is based on the massage essence of traditional Chinese medicine and combined with modern electronic techniques. It is designed to dredge main and collateral channels and promote blood circulation by vibratory massage and contains curative effect for muscular soreness, fatigue, and stress. By using three AAA batteries and USB interface to charge, it is convenient to carry on, and is suitable for any part of human body.

Revolution Stress Buster


The Revolution Stress Buster is the ultimate anti-gravity spinning device. To see this cool kinetic motion toy in action carefully position the point of the axle against the clear glass plate; then, give the magnetically floating spindle a gentle spin to watch it rotate in a state of near-perpetual motion for several minutes. When you have perfected a smooth spin, get out your stopwatch and see how long you can keep it going. This nifty gadget would be a great gift for someone’s home or office

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