Keychains Never got Cuter!

Let’s face it, all of us carry keys. We’ve got our house keys, car keys. drawer keys, cupboard keys and they’re usually hard to find and never around when you need them. At GoGifts, we’ve come up with an adorable range of keychains designed to make your keys easier on the eyes and fun for you too! Have a look at these!

Metal Handcuff Keychains


Whether you want to play cops and robbers or you’re obsessed with crime scene dramas, the metal small link handcuff keychain could be just the accessory for you. It’s a set of miniature handcuffs crafted to look almost identical to the real thing. They’re great for securing your keys and be sure to leave the links dangling out of your pocket to really draw some admiring eyes!

Candy Keychain


For those with an irrepressible sweet tooth, we’ve got the candy keychain in a variety of colors to satisfy the urge to permanently keep candy in your pocket. Shaped and designed to look exactly like those delectable treats and available in a variety of colors, it’s great if you want a sweet pop of color in your daily life. PS – makes for an excellent birthday return gift.

Barnyard Bites Keychains


Now these are a bunch of totally irresistible key chains. They’re mini farm animals and are fashioned to look quite comically like the real thing. They make some seriously realistic sounds when the button is pressed and come with a super bright LED flashlight to illuminate spaces like your darkened keyhole. Also guaranteed to keep your kids occupied when you need a breather or two!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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