Make your Sister’s Day this Raksha Bandan with GoGifts – Part 3

At GoGifts, we’re devoted to helping you find your sister the perfect gift this Raksha Bandhan. So in this concluding post of a 3 part series, we’re going to share 3 more gifts for this super special girl in your life.



Your sister would love to place this on her desk at work. It’s a multi-tasking calculator –  she can crunch numbers on one side and see her loved ones on the other. That’s right, this calculator has a fabulous photo frame on the reverse side in which your sister can insert her favourite photograph, maybe of the 2 of you! Now that’s a fabulous Rakhi gift if ever there was one.

Silicon Oven Frame


If your sister likes to bake or cook, this would be a great gift idea. Made out of extremely heat resistant silicon these oven mittens, will just slip into her hands and can be used to carry dishes straight out of the oven. Plus we’ve added a quirky touch to it. Our Silicon mittens are shaped like the faces of little animals. Try the hippo one or maybe the frog, maybe you can add a naughty joke to the mix!

Clipper Wall Hook


We often depend on wall hooks to hang up our jackets, favorite scarves or handbags so there is no reason why the wall hook in question cannot be a style statement. The clipper wall hook is a fun and quirky way to introduce this accessory in your sister’s home. It’s a clip that can be glued or screwed into your wall. Once securely fitted, she can hang anything she likes, except that she won’t be hanging it up, she’ll be clipping it up.

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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