Keep your Teeth Shining White with GoGifts

Yes you read that correctly, at GoGifts, we’re not just about gifting and celebrating, we’re also about cleanliness and hygiene! Ha ! No but seriously you have to check out our totally quirky toothbrush holders. They’re fun and seriously hilarious, plus we’ve got one for the kids and one for their folks! Check them out!

Animal Bounce Up Brush Holder

This one is going to be a gala hit with anyone under the age of 7. The toothbrush fits inside this adorable little animal. When you  press the button at its belly, the toothbrush will bounce up. Pressing the button again will push back the toothbrush. The cutie designed animal head cap to protect the bristle. It is easy to use, giving the little ones a fabulous incentive to brush their teeth!


Feet Brush Holder


Some people need coffee to wake them up, others need a jog but if you know someone who needs a serious jolt to get them moving, this might be the perfect gift. It’s a toothbrush holder shaped like a foot! It can be attached to the wall via a strong suction cup and then all you have to do is slip the toothbrush in the gap alongside the big toe! Now that’s certainly a memorable way to wake up!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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