Stir in Style with GoGifts

Stirrers in a cocktail are as integral to the whole drinking experience as the drink itself which is why we at GoGifts have come up with some fun and quirky stirrers for that fabulous brunch or stylish cocktail party you’re planning to host.  They’re guaranteed to impress your guests and take your party a notch higher or the meter of memorable bashes!

Ice Tray – Guitar


An ice cube with an attached stirrer is cool. An ice cube shaped like a guitar with an attached stirrer is a masterpiece. This uber cool creation comes with 3 guitar arms along with a mold to devise your own swanky guitar ice. Pop them in your drinks and allow your guests the opportunity to be blown away!

High Five Stirrer 


Here’s a great way to add a colorful humorous element to your cocktail parties. The high five stirrer is a plastic stirrer with an open palm at the top almost as if the stirrer is offering you a big high five! Available in a range of bright colors its sure to add a little bit of fun to even the most humdrum of evenings.

Honey Spoon


For all those yummy milkshakes, cocktails or juices, how about a honey spoon to keep them stirred and blended? It’s tall and functional with a mini spoon at one end and a honeycomb on the other. Available in 2 fun and vibrant colours!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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