The Silicon Series from GoGifts

One of the most ingenious inventions of recent times is silicon. This fantastic flexible heat resistant material offers a variety of uses and functions, most of them being insanely quirky. And where there’s quirky, of course there’s GoGifts. So here’s introducing the Amazing Silicon Series from GoGifts.

Silicon Oven Mittens


Here’s a fun way to make the kitchen as trendy as the rest of your home. Silicon is a highly heat resistant material is also extremely supple and flexible. As oven mittens, it’s great because it just slips into your hands and can be used to carry dishes straight out of the oven. Plus we’ve added a quirky touch to it. Our Silicon mittens are shaped like the faces of little animals. Try the hippo one or maybe the frog. It’s sure to lighten anyone’s mood!

Silicon Spectacles Case


Bulky spectacle cases are a pet peeve for most people as they are inconvenient to carry and store. The silicon spectacle case makes life much easier as it moulds to the shape of your glasses, making sure that it doesn’t occupy much space in your handbag. Plus it’s super durable quality makes sure that your glasses are safe and sound!

Silicon Coins Case


To carry your spare change, how about the silicon coin case. It’s light and flexible, molding to the stack of coins it carries, making it far easier to carry around. Plus it’s bright vibrant colors are a treat for the eyes!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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