For Those who Love All Things Spooky!

There is something irresistibly magnetic about all things spooky! We hate them but then we love to hate them. Of course some of us love them more than hate them and for these quirky souls, GoGifts is the perfect gifting destination. Check out our spooky range in this eerie blog post!

Skull Shot Glasses


A shot glass with chills isn’t always a glass filled with ice. No, in this case the chill comes from the shape of the glass, which is molded to look and feel like a human skull. Serve your shots in this and add a terrifying undertone to an ordinary humdrum cocktail party.

Skull Tabletop Dustbin/ Ashtray


The fact is that most of us could really use a desktop dustbin. For those pencil shavings, small scraps of paper or discarded bills, it’s quite a nuisance to bend down and reach for the trashcan at the back. The tabletop dustbin has a convenient slot to slip in those pieces of rubbish that accumulate during the day. Plus if you’re a smoker, it’s got a convenient ashtray at the top to tip your cigarette into. And this particular one has a spooky skull design on the exterior for those Halloween loving freaks around!

Skull Speaker


For the horror music lovers or music lovers who love horror, we’ve got the skull speaker. Place it on your desk and connect it to your MP3 player, phone or any other music playing device. Not only will you enjoy the strains of your favourite tunes but this grungy eerie speaker will make it just a shade more enjoyable.

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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