Quirky Mugs from GoGifts – Part 1

For most people, there is something ritualistic about a morning cup of tea or coffee and the mug that we use for it has become as integral to the ritual and the ritual itself. We at GoGifts recognise this and have gone to great lengths to give you a variety of quirky options for your morning cuppa mug. In this 2 part series we will be sharing 5 of our top picks so you can find a mug that best suits your personality and needs..

Travel Folding Cup


Now this one is a great option if you’re constantly on the move and love your coffee. It’s a folding travel cup that folds down to a compact size, perfect to carry your keys. Whenever you need to stop for a cuppa, just take out your keys, expand the cup and fill it up. When you’re done, fold it down! How’s that for convenience!

Milk Cup Udder


Here’s a fun piece to add to your breakfast table. Serve your milk straight from the cow or as close as you can get to it. This milk jug is molded to appear just like the udder of a cow and is colored with the telltale black and white splotches usually associated with this farm animal. Great to serve with your morning bowl of cornflakes or to add a splash of milk in your coffee!

Tank Up Mug


This delightful creation has taken heat sensitive porcelain to a whole new level. As you pour a hot beverage into the mug, the gauge on the outside starts rising. The scale is E to F – Empty to Full. The Tank Up Mug comes with 2 benefits. Firstly of course you have a seriously cool mug. Secondly, you can ensure that everyone around knows exact how little of your beverage is remaining allowing for a swift refill.

Visit GoGifts.in for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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