The GoGifts Fathers Day Gift Ideas Series – Part 5: The ‘Likes his Drink’ Dad

Fathers Day is on June 16th folks and that leaves just a few days to think, browse and find the perfect gift for a loving dad. We at GoGifts thought we would ease things up a bit so we’re giving you some great gift ideas for every type of dad. Be sure to check our posts for the Sport Obsessed Dad, The Motor Enthusiast Dad, The Goofy Mischievous Dad and The Intellectual Thinker Dad. In this final post, we’re going to share some ideas for the Dad who ‘Likes his Drink.

Lily Wine Pourer


For the wine connoisseur father, how about the Lily Wine Pourer to help him avoid all those messy spills and drips that often accompanies serving wine. All he has to do is attach it to the neck of the bottle and he’s got  a convenient little spout designed to ensure that wine is poured neatly and directly into the glass. Perhaps get him 2 – one for red and the other for white wine.

Steel Chain Wine Stand


Your dad will love this magical illusion on his bar to present or store his favourite wine bottle. Made of a carefully welded, nickel-plated iron chain to form a rigid stand, this holder gives the optical illusion that your wine bottle is almost floating in mid-air. Since the chain was welded in its current position, it looks as if it were hanging naturally. An elegant and stylish gift for a distinguished gentleman!

Ice Shot Glasses


Now this one is sure to blow his mind! With the ice shot glasses, dad can now serve his guests a shot in ice! He will have a blast throwing the most unforgettable bashes in his home. The temperature resistant silicon mold will create four shot glasses at a time so he can theoretically make as many or as little as he needs. Happy Fathers Day!!!

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