The GoGifts Fathers Day Gift Ideas Series – Part 4: The Intellectual Thinker Dad

If you’re hunting for a gift for your dad this Fathers Day, you can rest easy because we at GoGifts decided to make things easier for you. We’re giving you some great gift ideas for every type of dad. Be sure to check our ideas for the Sport Obsessed Dad, The Motor Enthusiast Dad and The Goofy Mischievous Dad. In this post, we’re going to tell you what you can get for the Intellectual Thinker Dad.

Writers Block


If your father likes puzzles, he’ll love this one! The Writer’s Block is a spellbinding 3D puzzle. Use the decoder key to decipher the secret code to release the pens and open the notebook. Watch out! The decoder key can both press down or release the clicktop pens! Your challenge is to find the series of moves that results in all click-action pens pressed down!

Book Clock


It may seem boring to present a clock to your dad but this particular one is a very worthy exception.  The book clock is a clock resting against a backdrop of 3 books perfectly for the intellectual father. The numbers are also cleverly designed – with the nine and three being printed in text and the 12 and 6 in figures. The book clock is completely battery operated allowing optimal versatility and its convenient size allows it to fit easily into any space.

Help Me Bookmark


For the heavy reader father with an equally heavy sense of humor, this is a great gift. Functional enough; it will safely keep his page in the book but the hilarity of it is the feeble hand with an outstretched palm that emerges from the book mark. Almost like what you would see in a Tom & Jerry re-run. The book slams shut on the little mouse and his tiny hand stretches out with the soundless plea: Help me!

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