The GoGifts Fathers Day Gift Ideas Series – Part 3: The Goofy Mischevious Dad

At GoGifts, we have the most original, diverse and hilarious range of gift ideas and this Fathers Day we’re giving you a whole lot of options for different types of dads. Be sure to visit our Gift Ideas for a Sport Obsessed Dad and  Motor Obsessed Dad if your father falls into either of those categories. And if he’s the goofy mischievous, you’re going to love the options we have lined up for you!

Limited Edition Comic Sculptures

Warren Stratford’s signature gallery

If dad can’t help liking cartoons and toys, then how about our incredible range of limited edition comic sculptures that are quirky enough to bring back fond memories of his toy chest yet grown up enough to ward off the raised eyebrows. Each one is interesting and innovative and would make the perfect addition to his bookshelf or TV Table.

Bikini Phone


For the seriously naughty father, the Bikini Phone could be the ultimate gift. It is a totally functional landline device shaped moulded and colored to look like the torso of a ‘Baywatch Babe’. He would have to tickle her belly when he dials, coz that’s where the keypad is. And when he lifts the receiver to talk, he’ll be rendering the poor girl topless!

Ring for Beer


Now this is a gift that Dad will love but Mom will hate! He’ll love it because every time he rings it, he’ll get a bottle of beer! She’ll hate it because she’ll be the one having to cart it to him! But it is Fathers Day after all, let the man have his beer! What Say!!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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