The GoGifts Fathers Day Gift Ideas Series – Part 2: The Motor Enthusiast Dad

We’re running a series on to help all you hapless souls out there find something wonderful for your dear dads this Fathers Day . It’s coming up in just a few short weeks so you  better get started on your search. We just completed a post on gift ideas for the Sport Obsessed Dad and here we’re going to give some great GoGifts gift ideas for The Motor Enthusiast Dad.

Motor Bike Sport


If he likes his motor bikes, then he’ll love this metal antique finish, artist’s interpretation of a sport motorbike. The fine detailing and the superior craftsmanship are evident right from a cursory glance, making it a classy accessory for Dad’s workspace or desktop.

Magwheel Desktop Coasters

Magwheel Desktop Coasters

Our Magwheel Desktop Coasters come from the Motorsport Series and it’s a set of four coasters all shaped and designed to look like magwheels. The set of four coasters comes with a compact chrome metal stand that holds them upright and together. The detailing on the magwheels is amazing with true-to-original rim lines, spoke hubs and bolt heads. It’s even got a realistic tire inset. Dad can add them to his desk or his bar, either way he’s going to feel like the coolest guy around!

Buckle Up Key Holder

Screen shot 2012-08-20 at 8.45.05 AM

For the motor loving dad who can never find his keys, the Buckle Up Key holder could be just the thing! These ultra cool wall mounted hooks are created from actual seat belt buckles. The red-buttoned latch fixes on the wall and the stainless steel clasp is attached to the keys. When Dad gets home, simply insert the clasp into the buckle and your key is safely stored for the night.

Gear Shift Magnetic Pen Stand

Gear Shift Magnetic Pen Stand

This desktop model is a design marvel. It has a sleek metallic base board for the floor shift, with a flowchart of gear shift positions. The base board is mounted on a contrast-color black under-pad that holds the piece together. And the ingenious part is the gear shift lever is actually a ball point pen and does a fine balancing act on its tip. It stays dynamically straight because of a special magnetic field in the docking position of the base board. Wouldn’t that be a treat for a motor loving Papa?

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