The GoGifts Fathers Day Gift Ideas Series – Part 1: The Sport Obsessed Dad

Fathers Day is on June 16th folks and that leaves just a few days to think, browse and find the perfect gift for a loving dad. We at GoGifts thought we would ease things up a bit so we’re giving you some great gift ideas for every type of dad – the Sport Obsessed Dad, The Motor Enthusiast Dad, The Goofy Mischievous Dad, The Intellectual Thinker Dad and the Likes his Drink Dad. Today’s post is all about the perfect gifts for the Sport Obsessed Dad!

Magnetic Dart Board


If dad’s a darts addict, this magnetic version is the perfect gift. It a flexible background that can hang on the wall and comes with 3 darts. Each dart has a metal tip ensuring that when it hits the board, it stays in position allowing for a fun and safe darting experience. Just don’t let him take it to work, he may never come back.

Golf Pen Stand


If he’s into golf, then he probably wants to be teeing off any chance he can get. Sadly the realities of life prevail, but you can bring the golf course to him, with this elegant and thematic Golf Pen Stand. By the way, it has a clock too!

The Powerball


The Powerball is a fun addictive way to increase in the full muscle groups of the lower arm & wrist within a very short timeframe. Plus if dad has a bad wrist or elbow, it has been medically recommended as an ideal instrument by which to rehabilitate an injury to these areas. Just five to ten minutes a day is all he needs to get his forearms looking strong and toned!

Gold Medal Bottle Opener


Finally if Dad’s always reliving his glory sporty days, maybe it’s time to give him an Olympic Gold Medal – or at least one that can also open his bottle of beer. This fun and functional creation is sure to bring a smile to any sport loving papa!

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