The GoGifts ‘Toilet’ Series

At GoGifts, we’re always up for a hearty laugh and that’s why we’ve got an entire range of products dedicated to the bathroom. As you raise your eyebrows in confusion, read on. All will be revealed!

The Toilet Phone


There are those who like to talk on the phone in the toilet but how many can talk on a toilet phone. Only those who have the GoGifts Toilet phone. This one is hilarious! The handset is concealed in the flush tank and you can only imagine where the keypad is – of course it’s under the seat. Now if that doesn’t spruce up a telephone table, nothing else will.

Wash Basin Paper Clip Holder


Paper clips are a nuisance to store and retrieve so why not make an entire tabletop accessory just for this purpose. The washbasin paper clip holder is another ingeniously quirky device from GoGifts. It is shaped just like a basin complete with tap and spout but what’s particularly interesting is the little magnet fixed at the edge of the faucet. Metal paper clips are naturally attracted to this little device and consequently appear to be gushing out of the tap. Now when you need a paperclip, just turn on the tap!

Frog Soap Holder

frog-soap-holder Finally a bathroom contraption that is actually for the bathroom! The Frog Soap Holder is a fun little accessory for any kids bathroom. Designed to look like a cute little frog, it has suction cups on its feet ensuring the soap holder stays fixed on the wall. And since nothing is screwed in, it’s totally movable – raise it up as the child grows and lower it back down when a sibling is born!

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