More Quirky Mugs from GoGifts

At GoGifts, we believe that drinking your morning (or evening) cuppa should be a quirky affair which is why we’ve introduced the the most interesting range of quirky mugs in the business. With these choices on hand, there is no way you will be able to drink anything out of a regular boring ceramic mug!

The Fisti Cup


The Fisti Cup‘s USP is the large metal knuckle rings it has instead of a cup handle. Not many of us were in menacing gangs in our life time nor did we interact with the Italian mob but no worries, we can now live that experience each time we sip our favorite brew.

The Gun Mug


Once again, if you ever wanted to be a hitman or on the flip side – a CIA agent, but instead you’re sitting in front of a computer screen writing codes – then you’ve got to get the Gun Mug. The handle is molded to feel and look like the handle of a gun and it would be a smoking gun at that if your coffee is particularly steamy. How’s that for quirky!

The Wake Up Mug


If you’re anything like me then you just can’t start your day without a cup of aromatic coffee. Your eyes will be droopy, your step will be lagging and your shoulders will be slumped – all until some coffee enters your system. So why not get a mug that represents your morning routine? The Wake Up mug offers exactly that! It’s droopy eyes transforms into bright perky ones as hot liquid is poured into it. It literally ‘wakes up with hot brew!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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