Gift something Quirky this Valentines’ Day – Part 1

Valentines Day need not be always about cuddly teddybears, heart shaped cards and chocolates. You can have fun this year by gifting something quirky to the man or woman in your life. In this most we’ll talk about some quirky gift ideas for men. In the post that followers, we’ll share some awesome ideas for women.

Motorcycle Replica


Is your husband or boyfriend a biking enthusiast? If so, then we’ve got the perfect gift for him. This beautifully crafted motorcycle replica is made out of metal and stained to appear as greasy and grungy as the real thing would. The abstract touches only add to its charm making it a must-have for many a biker in many a town! It is available in two styles – cruiser or sport – so choose the one that fits his personality and pick it up today!

Swanky Passport Sleeves


Does your man in question travel a lot? Has his passport seen more stamps than the post office? Well, we’ve got a great idea for his Valentines’ Day Gift. How about a swanky passport sleeve to protect this essential booklet and add some style to it too? Made out of strong and durable PVC, these sleeves come in a variety of colors allowing you to pick the color that best matches his personality and some of them even have a pocket for important documents like tickets and boarding passes.

Buckle Up Key Holder

Screen shot 2012-08-20 at 8.45.05 AM

For the guy who perpetually can’t find his keys, the buckle up key holder would be the ultimately perfect gift! It’s a seat belt buckle and clasp. Hook they keys onto the clasp and glue the buckle to the wall. Each day when he gets home, all he has to do is insert the clasp (containing his keys) into the buckle and the next day when he’s ready to leave, hit the release button. It’s made out of an actual discarded seat belt making it a great option for the recycle conscious lover!

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