Jazz up your Bar with the Amazing Range from GoGifts – Part 1

If you’re looking to jazz up your bar, then look no further. GoGifts has a totally outstanding range of hilarious, quirky and fun bar accessories, guaranteed to add just a touch of personality to your bar counter.

Inverted Beer Bottle Glass


How about an inverted beer bottle as a glass, complete with stem and all? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to serve some chilled champagne, a swanky cocktail or of course the obvious choice beer in this stylish and totally out-of-the-box glass. It will certainly bring out a laugh or two from your intrigued guests!

Cool Teeth Ice Cubes

medium_1013948b62153e144dc39c3905fe029dOr consider this: Whiskey on the rocks – except that this time, the rocks are a set of fangs!!! Get a girly shriek from the most macho of men as no one will expect spooky sharp teeth floating around in their drink. This swanky silicon Ice Tray comes allows you to make four sets of fangs at a time, so next time you’re hosting a Halloween bash, fill up your ice-bucket with some FANGS!!!

His and Her Bottle Openers


Now if you want a spot of mischief on your bar, then this naughty accessory is just what the doctor ordered. Its a bottle opener set, with ‘openings’ at the ‘appropriate’ spaces. Enjoy the sniggers all around as men and women alike take turns with this funky opener!

Stay tuned for more hilarious ideas on Jazzing up your Bar

Visit GoGifts.in for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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