Keep your New Year Resolutions Going with GoGifts

Whenever a new year rolls around, we all start off with some extremely well-meaning resolutions and most often one month down the line, they’ve all but disappeared. Fortunately, GoGifts has just what you need to keep your resolutions going and here are some great ideas!

Stay Tidy in 2013 with our Dust Extinguisher

Dust extinguisher

If you’re the messy sort, always munching at the computer or while watching TV, you may have resolved to become tidy in 2013. At GoGifts we have just the thing to help you with this resolution.  Our Dust Extinguisher works like a mini vacuum cleaner, designed to suck in all the tiny crumbs and debris that finds its way into the little crevices of your keyboard or couch. Get it today and stay tidy for life!

Be Punctual in 2013 with our Sand Clock


Are you constantly late for meetings, parties, functions and the like? It’s time to make a resolution to be punctual and with GoGifts you can actually keep it! Our Sand Clock is made of high-quality glass and specially sourced white sand. The process of manufacture is carefully monitored to ensure optimum clarity and smooth downpour ensuring that not more or less than 15 minutes elapse once the clock is turned. So next time you’re heading out for a meeting or function, just turn the clock and ensure you’re never late again!

Bond with your Kid in 2013 with our Fall in Love Mug


If yours is a fast paced world filled with hurried meetings, late night calls and hardly any time for your child, you may be thinking about spending more time with him or her in 2013. The Fall in Love Mug is a great way to set aside some Father/ Son or Father/ Daughter time each day. This set of 2 mugs – one for adult and one for child – ensures both drinkers have a matching cup, making the morning glass of milk and tea a wholesome bonding affair!

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