My GoGifts Christmas Shopping List – Part 1

The season of Christmas is just around the corner and I like to get the gifts out of the way right at the start. That way I can focus on baking, partying and celebrating. As I scanned through the GoGifts online store, very soon I realized that I could find perfect gifts for each of my family members. Here’s what I chose.

How about a golfer pen stand clock? Now this is great for the golf obsessed man or woman in your life. I know my father would love it. It’s cool because the flag is the pen and the clock is on the ball which spins. If you flip it over, you can enjoy just the ball and flag appearance. The nifty grass surrounding the golf ball is also very nice.

For my brother in law I chose the portable digital weighing scale because he’s what I call a  fitness-conscious frequently-traveling workaholic. It’s very compact and light and easily slips into cabin luggage. The pop out display provides the digital weight and pops back in for travel. Awesome!

For my mother I decided to go for a a gift that sends a message? My dear mom who I love to death is CONSTANTLY late for everything – movies, lunches, parties – you name it and she’s late for it! I’m thinking this sand clock could be a great gift to tell her – ‘Mama I love you but modern time keeping pieces don’t seem to help so I’m trying the traditional ones’. I’m sure she’ll have a laugh!

Stay tuned to more ideas in my next Christmas Shopping List post!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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