Great Housewarming Gifts from GoGifts – Part 2

Housewarming present are too often predictable – table mats or candles and the like are the popular options. How about reengineering the whole process by giving something totally quirky. At GoGifts we have a number of great options and this post continues from the previous one where we will share some of our faves!

Book Clock

Clocks are a common gift for housewarming parties but we can guarantee you, your recipient has never received a Book Clock. It’s a set of 3 books with a clock on the front facade. Isn’t that clever! The text on the books is even more appropriate. The three and the nine are written in text on the two outer books while the 12 and the 6 are written numerically on the middle book. Plus, its totally battery operated allowing you to place it anywhere you like in your home or office.

Butterfly Jar


Now here’s a great curio that will fill up the vacant space on many a coffee table or side table in a new home. It’s a glass jar with a faux butterfly inside. Powered by batteries, just tap on the top and watch the butterfly flittering around inside. Sometimes it sits on the wall of the jar twitching its wings just like its real winged counterpart.  The butterfly jar is a unique and mesmerizing gift idea, designed to bring a smile on anyone’s face.

His & Her Bottle Opener

A new home needs new bar accessories and this could be just the thing. The His & Her Bottle Opener has ‘openings’ at the ‘optimal’ spots great for a couple just starting out in their new pad. Made of high quality stainless steel it will not only serve as a fitting gift but will also allow the recipients to bring out a laugh or 2 in their first cocktail party.

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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