Gift Ideas for Men – Part 2

In continuation from our previous post, we’re back with some more awesome gifting ideas for the man or men in your life. It’s no easy feat to find the perfect gift for a guy but thanks to GoGifts, you will now have 6 to choose from. Read on to find out about our next 3 picks!

Aquacube Waterproof MP3 Player

Now here’s a great gift for a guy who likes his workout in the water and would enjoy listening to his favorite tunes at the same time. The Aquacube Waterproof MP3 player is a 4GB device which will store all your music files just like any other player. However what sets it apart is its ability to function ‘swimmingly’ in the water. That means it can be used in the pool, shower or even during a game of water polo!

Gear Shift Ball Clock

Tabletop gifts are great for the guy who’s glued to his desk at all hours of the day. And this one in particular is stylish, suave and oh so masculine! It’s a clock at the tip of a gear shift making it a wonderful gift with excellent utility value. The Gear Shift Ball Clock is a part of GoGifts awesome Motorsport Series. Check it out for more great ideas.

Bikini Phone


The Bikini Phone is a hilarious gift,  certain to make the day of the any youthful virile bachelor. It’s a landline which works just like the traditional devices however the twist is obvious – the  handset is the bikini top and the key pad is a flat abs of this luscious lady. Granted its a bit over the top but come on – it’s as close as anyone’s going to get to having Baywatch right on your desk!


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