Gift Ideas for Men – Part 1

It’s not easy shopping for men. For women, it’s easy peasy – clothes, handbags, jewelry – the list is endless but for men, we all get stumped with wallets and ties. So this post (part of a 2 part series) is dedicated to offering you fabulous gift ideas for the man or men in your life.

A Designer Table Top Motorcycle

Is the man in question a bike enthusiast? Always gazing adoringly at the the myriad of high end bikes that zoom past him? Then this could be a perfect gift for him. GoGifts has come out with a pair of 2 beautifully crafted Table Top Motorcycles perfect for any desk space at home or office. The two variants – cruiser and sport – are perfect to suit any bike enthusiast’s preferences and the vintage color and design is sure to win hearts!

Massage Cushion

My husband constantly complains of aching muscles. He has a long drive to and from work and by the end of the day is beaten and worn out. If you know a guy like that, then a great gift idea could be the Massage Cushion from GoGifts. It’s convenient size allows relief to most painful spots like lower back, calves, shoulder and neck. Being battery powered it can be used anywhere – at work or even in the car on the way home.

Portable Scale

Is your recipient a fitness freak who travels a lot? Then this portable scale could be a perfect gift. It’s extremely light weight and compact so it’s easy to carry in hand luggage. And it’s digital providing accurate weight readings whenever desired. There’s nothing like maintaing your weight with your own weighing scale, on the go!

Stay tuned to our next post in this series where we will share a number of other great gift ideas for men!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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