3 Super Hot Picks to Spruce up your Diwali Parties!

Diwali is just around the corner folks and it’s a time for parties, revelry, crackers and fun. If you’re planing to host a bash in your home, you might want to stop by the GoGifts site for some cool ideas to liven up your Diwali Party. Here are our favorite picks:

Shooters and Ladders

When grown ups get together, there’s no reason why they can’t play with each other. Especially if the game is as intoxicating and hilarious as Shooters and Ladders. Modeled on the childhood favorite – Snakes and Ladders, the game replaces snakes with shots. As you navigate through the board, if your counter (which incidentally is a shot glass)  falls on a shot square, you have to down the shot of the party – whatever poison you choose. The Shooters and Ladders game comes with 6 shot glasses, a dice and a glass board. Alcohol  sold separately.

The Ouch Toothpick Holder

As you get to the end of the meal and everyone rests back satisfied with the sumptuous meal they have just consumed, bring out the Ouch Toothpick Holder to revive the fun. It’s crafted to look like a person getting stabbed repeatedly by the infernal toothpicks. Watch as your guests burst out into peals of laughter and enjoy the title of best host ever of a Diwali Party!

The Fire Extinguisher Cocktail Dispenser

Refilling drinks was never this much fun or interesting. As you notice glasses getting empty, simply march around and refill drinks using this portable cocktail dispenser crafted to resemble a fire extinguisher. Your guests will eagerly await their turn, not just for the drink but also to watch this funky device in action.

Are you throwing a bash for a festive season? How do you make it stand apart? Tell us all about it by leaving a comment.

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