GoGifts Top Picks to Rejuvenate Your Home – Part 1

Your home is the place where you sleep, wake and live. Isn’t it only fitting it reflects your personality to the fullest extent? We at GoGifts are constantly looking for innovative ideas to help you achieve this so if you’re thinking of jazzing up your pad, look no further. This post has got all the details!

The Book Clock

Every home needs a clock but it needn’t be traditionally round and hung up on the wall. Instead it can be stylish and trendy and concealed on your vacant book shelf. The Book Clock is an excellent option. This battery operated device is a combination of three books, with appropriate titles reflecting the 4 most popular times of the day. Pop it into your study or drawing room wall unit and be sure to jazz up the character of your home in just a flash!

A Festive Kettle

Do you consider yourself having a bright and vibrant personality? Then this is the perfect accessory for your personal space. The festive kettle series at GoGifts include three fantastic designs all wonderfully shaped and colored to appear bright, vibrant and eclectic. They’re great just as curios or as plant holders. And of course you can always serve your guests a really colorful cup of tea in them.

Angry Bird Cushions

Wouldn’t it be great if the game you’re addicted to could be incorporated into your home decor? If Angry Birds is your favorite game then this could very easily be possible. GoGifts has a range of Angry Birds Cushions perfectly sized to optimally compliment any sofa, chair or bed cover. Choose your favorite and rejuvenate your home!

Stay tuned to more ideas in the second post in this series – GoGifts Top Picks to Rejuvenate Your Home

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