Quirky Mugs from GoGifts

At GoGifts we’re constantly looking for new ways to bring a splash of quirky and fun into your daily lives. Our quirky mugs are an excellent example. They assured to make your morning cuppa or your afternoon brew more pleasurable and exciting because they are after all imaginative and out-of-this world. So here we go – with the FistiCup, the Tank Up Mug and the Fall in Love Mug

The FistiCup

Ever want to feel like a gangster? Then pick up the FistiCup. It’s a cup with knuckle rings for the handle. Now isn’t that awesome!! The mug portion is even angled slightly to confirm to your closed wrist. It’s designed to ensure that you truly feel like  tough guy but of course only when you’re drinking your favorite beverage.

The Tank Up Mug

This hilarious mug is a great way to tell everyone what stage of the brew drinking process you’re in. The mug has a meter on the outside which is sensitive to heat. As a hot drink is filled into the cup, the meter races to the top showing its full. As the drink is consumed, the meter inches down. The Tank-Up Mug a live and animated tracker of how much you’re drinking and how soon you will need a refill.

The Fall In Love Mug

There are so many ‘his and her’s products out there but very few ‘Parent and Child’ ones. If you’re looking to get a matching mug for Mom and Kid or Dad and Kid then the Fall in Love Mug is the ideal option. It’s a set of 2, one large adult size mug and the other a small child size version. Enjoy some family bonding time as you drink your morning tea or coffee with your child’s morning Bournvita, milk or Horlicks. Plus both mugs sit inside each other for storage and look super cute like that!

Visit GoGifts.in for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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