The GoGifts Quirky Phone Series – Part 1

Landline phones will never be the same again. GoGifts has introduced a set of truly out of this world telephones which is going to do away with the regular run of the mill tabletop phones. This blog post talks about the first two creations in this category – the skull phone and the toilet phone, both designed to offer a quirky touch to any phone talking experience.

The Toilet Phone

For those who can boast of a great sense of humor, this phone really takes the cake. It looks just like a working WC complete with a flush button on top. While it is made of strong plastic, it sternly resembles the ceramic finish of an actual toilet. To talk on the phone, simply open the flush tank. And to dial a number, raise the toilet seat. It’s literally quite hilarious and this video gives you a full demo.

The Skull Phone:

Dated and mundane is out and SPOOKY is in! Our skull phone is a perfectly handcrafted replica of a human skull complete with the vacant eye sockets and eerie jaw. The phone handset is concealed in a small cavity on the top of the head and raised, reveals the dial pad within. The clincher? Its eyes glow an eerie blue color when it rings. Check out this video for a full demo.

The GoGfits quirky phones are getting even quirkier. Stay tuned for the next blog post to read all about the more luscious variety!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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