GoGifts Ideas to Brighten up a Workspace – Part 2

In my last post I talked about 3 fantastic accessories I got for my husband’s new cabin at work. While these really jazzed up the place, I was not quite done so here are the other items we picked up from GoGifts to personalize the space

Table Top Dustbin

This ingenious creation functions as an ashtray as well as a tabletop dustbin. Fortunately my husband is not a smoker so the ashtray section will remain clean but the dustbin section at the bottom turned out to be really useful. Random scraps of paper, candy wrappings or other grit that finds itself on the tabletop could be swiftly dispensed with and the trendy checkered flag design added a sporty feel to his professional work area.

A Metal Motorbike

My husband is a motorbike enthusiast at heart and since it doesn’t make sense for him to have an actual bike in the city, this was the next best thing. It’s beautifully crafted to replicate a cruiser or a sport bike and so very classy as a tabletop accessory. I had to get it for him and my choice was the cruiser. It was masculine, beautifully made and added much needed style to his workspace.

A Gear Shift Clock

Every desk needs a clock and thanks to GoGifts, it could be a really cool and quirky one. I loved the Gear Shift Clock from the second I saw it. What a perfect accessory for any man’s workspace! Designed to resemble a working gear shift, the clock is cleverly located inside the top of the gear. A masterpiece in creativity and design! Whether or not he liked it, this was by far my favorite addition to the space.

The cabin is totally transformed from a vacant minimalistic area to a stylish bordering on quirky one. My husband loves it, I think its pretty fabulous and a big THANK YOU to GoGifts for their out this world products!

Visit GoGifts.in for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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