GoGifts Ideas to Brighten up a Workspace – Part 1

My husband recently moved to a new office space and now he’s got a cabin all to himself. While he appreciates the privacy, he was constantly complaining that his new space lacked personality. So I took it upon myself to spruce up the area using some choice accessories from GoGifts. This post talks about 3 of them and the rest will be covered in the following post.

The Talking Tom Cat
My husband and my little 3 year old both love this character. For those unfamiliar, the Talking Tom Cat is a smart phone application of a cat standing on 2 legs and repeating everything you say in a more high pitched voice. It also exclaims ‘Owww’ when you stamp its foot and a slurps milk when a glass is handed to it. It’s really cute on the Ipad and so when I found it a 3d version on GoGifts, I had to pick it up. Now it’s got pride of place on my husband’s desk and has become the starting point of many conversations, jokes and hilarity in the office.

An Angry Bird Cookie Jar

No desktop would be complete without a cookie jar with sweets, mints or nuts. It allows for some convenient munching while scanning through important notes or generous offerings when visitors step in. GoGifts has a great range of Angry Bird Ceramic Cookie jars so I got my husband the black one. He has filled them with some candies and invariably when people drop in, they walk away with a sweet taste in their mouths.

A Massage Cushion

Now this was not really for office decor but more for office comfort. My dear husband has an hour long drive each way and spends 9 to 10 hours at work so I got him the massage cushion to relieve stress and rejuvenate him during the long hours. Its designed to offer relaxing vibrations on the neck, lower back, thighs or calves and its size makes it versatile enough to place on the back, neck or under the thighs. Fantastic!

The gifts were well received and the cabin has cheered up to some extent. There was scope for more improvement and thanks to GoGifts, we were able to get even more great accents. Stay tuned for  my next post where I will tell you all about it.

Visit GoGifts.in for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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