The GoGifts Quirky Clock Series

Every home needs a clock right? But there’s no reason it needs to be an ordinary run of the mill one. Now clocks can be as interesting and attractive as your favorite painting or curio, especially the clocks available at GoGifts. Read all about it here!

The Vinyl Record Clock

Go back 3 decades and it was the era of the vinyl records. Slow groovy earthy music all playing from preserved LPs – that was the time of our lives! The digital age has take away many such loved artifacts and we at GoGifts take pride in re-entering them into your living rooms – not necessarily to play music but to tell you the time. The Vinyl Record Clock is a great addition to any space, at home or office. It comes with a convenient stand allowing it to be a table top version or a wall hanging one. So head back to 70’s with this nostalgic peice and relive the time of your life!

The Coffee Cup Clock

This gravity defying coffee cup clock is sure to be a great conversation piece. After all how often do you see an oversized cup and saucer filled with coffee up against the wall? Not often we imagine! Plus the clock hands are almost unrecognizable – the arm of the mug tells the hours and the spoon tells the minutes. So quite literally, your coffee will be stirred throughout the day. Now that’s totally quirky!

The 3d Round Hole Clock

If traditionally shaped clocks are more your thing, we have options for that too – with a tiny touch of quirky. We wouldn’t be GoGifts without it right! The 3d round hole clock looks ordinary but you will soon find that there’s nothing else like it. The numbers on the clock either protrude or recede giving it a unique 3D appearance. And the best part? You don’t have to wear those annoying 3d glasses to appreciate it!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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