3 Sure Fire Ways to Liven Up your Cocktail Parties

Having friends over for drinks and dinner isn’t as simple as it sounds. You want your guests to be comfortable, have fun and stay inebriated for the length of the evening. Now with GoGifts at your side, this will be possible in a cinch. We’ve got 3 super cocktail party helpers that will definitely make your evening one for the record books.

The Cocktail/ Beer Dispenser


Re-filling cocktails during a party can be quite a drag. You’ve got to take the glasses back to bar, pour in the mix and re-serve the right glass to the right person. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just carry the jar along with you and refill on the spot? And if the jar in question is cool and quirky, it’s another reason for your party to be a hit. The fire extinguisher cocktail dispenser is a great option. As you meander through your guests, enjoy the quizzical glances as they wonder why you are walking around with a fire extinguisher. When you need to refill a drink, simply squeeze the lever on the top. It’s sure to stop chatters in mid sentence and start a whole new conversation all together.

His & Her Bottle Opener

As the guys hang around the bar waiting for their beers to be opened, wouldn’t it be cool if you had a really quirky accessory to help them with that? The His and Her Bottle Opener is a hilarious tool for any bar. It’s got ‘openings’ at the optimal locations and is designed to invite a dirty giggle whenever anyone sets their eyes or hands on it.

Bullseye Cocktail Sticks

Cocktail parties are all about the snacks right? So what better way to serve them than with quirky cocktail sticks. The Bullseye Cocktail sticks are a miniature set of darts, intended for the most discerning of hosts. They’re great to serve your finger foods or even accessorize your martinis. And with their nifty design, you can be sure your bash will ‘hit the spot’.

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