The Festive Kettles

Think South America and what comes to mind – The Samba, the Rio Carnival, Fiestas and Splashes of Color right? Bring Brazil right into your kitchen with the exciting new range of Festive Kettles from They are guaranteed to brighten up a space and provide much needed tea serving services at the same time.

The Double Handed Kettle with Cup

Who needs a double armed teapot you ask? No one actually but when one of those arms turns out to be the arm for a specially concealed cup, then it’s pretty cool wouldn’t you say? Yes this quirky teapot is a 2 in 1. Store your pot of tea or coffee in the container section and when you need to drink it, use the cup concealed at the base.

The Rectangle Kettle

Now this may be called a rectangle kettle but that’s not quite its shape. Its more squarish or trapeziumish. Whateverish it is, it’s cute, quirky and so festive. From the wiggly handle, to the striped spout to the bold star on the body, this teapot screams for attention and attention it is sure to get!

The Pyramid Kettle

This bold and colorful kettle has a cute pyramid shape and an even cuter set of spherical legs at the base. The pink and black spout and handle is sure to bring the Mad Hatter to mind and the rest of the color scheme is just pure fun!

The festive kettles can be a great addition to your kitchen or living spaces. They make great curios especially if you slip a fern or plant in them; or of course use them for your next cuppa with the gals.

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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