The GoGifts Top 3 Quirky Gifts

At GoGifts, we’re all about ‘Quirky’! We’re constantly stocking our shelves with the quirkiest products you can find. So if you’re looking to go quirky, here’s our list of top 3 quirky gifts.

The Earbud Speaker

Here’s irony in a box. We use earphones to listen to music on the go right? Now we can use them while at our desk. These speakers are super sized (as compared to actual ear phones) and when sitting next to your laptop look like a pair of oversized headphones. They scream for a second look and can be plugged into your iPhone, desktop, laptop or other device with the standard mike jack.

The Dust Extinguisher

Now this product just sucks! Quite literally in fact. Unlike an actual fire extinguisher which blows out foam, this sucks the dust right in. Perfect for those hard to reach nooks and crannies like your keyboard. The Dust Extinguisher‘s trendy design makes it an irresistible buy and it’s optimal size allows for easy and comfortable use.

The USB Lounge Lamp

Don’t let wall sockets determine the location of your workspace. Now you can get desk lamp lighting anywhere – the dining table, the kitchen bar or your bed side. The USB lounge lamp provides superb mood lighting and draws its power from your computer’s USB port. How ingenious is that! It’s velveteen lampshade offers a touch of glam and the black color will ensure it fits into any setting. Perfect for mood lighting

So if you’re thinking of getting some cool, trendy and of course quirky, you know which 3 items should top your list!

Visit for the perfect quirky gift. GoGifts™ – Think Quirky. Gift Quirky™


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