Board Games with a ‘Spirit’ual Twist

Board games – the hallmark of our childhood. When we were 10, we were addicted to them but 10 years later, they’ve lost their place in our lives. Well NOT ANYMORE!! GoGifts is happy to say that board games have grown up too. Snakes and Ladders have never been more fun – of course its Shooters and Ladders now. Can’t make it to Vegas? No worries! Just pick up our Drinking Roulette Game. Want your guests to play Jenga? Try our version – The Drunken Tower. Board games are back! Of course with a slightly ‘spirit’ual twist.


Inspired but the old favorite, Snakes and Ladders, this game replaces the snakes with shots. Your board game set comes with a glass board and 6 shot glasses. Each player gets a glass and as you navigate through the game, should your glass fall on a shot, you’ve got to down it! Liquor sold separately.


Move over Las Vegas, now you can enjoy the good life with GoGiftsToy Drinking Roulette. Choose a number and if the ball falls on it, you’ve got to empty the glass. Maybe you won’t win the big bucks but you’ll certainly walk away with a Vegas style hangover.


There’s regular Jenga, truth or dare Jenga and other variants. But there’s nothing like The Drunken Tower. In this version of the game, if you drop the tower you face the ultimate punishment (or reward). A shot glass full of your favorite poison. Of course the irony is that the more you drop the tower, the more you will probably continue to drop the tower. Steady hands and empty glasses don’t quite go well together.

Drop by today and pick up your board games today!

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