LED Up Your Life With These Quirky LED Gadgets

LED, the technology that offers bright light through a semiconductor has made its way out of the Physics books and into your party nights. You can now find LED lights in the most unexpected of places, guaranteed to add just a touch of quirky to your usual evenings out or in.


What better way to enjoy a nightclub than to have neon lit shoelaces. These quirky goodies come in a range of colors, perfect to suit your mood, outfit or personal taste. Just lace them into your sneakers, turn them on and get ready to dazzle everyone around you. For the more pragmatic users, LED shoe laces are perfect for night jogging or even collaring a pet.


Now here’s something for the host with a sense of humor. Next time you have people over for drinks, blow their minds with this totally ‘fundoo’ item. Its a whiskey glass with a LED light hidden inside. As your guests are dunking their poison, they will be intrigued to find their drink all lit up in bright neon. Now that’s a party statement if every there was one. For those who prefer a softer drink, the LED Soda Glass works wonderfully.


 Move aside floating candles and say hello to LED Submersible Lights. Make a statement at your parties or functions with these fancy lights floating around your  table centerpiece or vase of fresh flowers. They are battery operated with a convenient on and off switch making them a versatile and easy to use gadget for your evenings in.

So what are you waiting for – LED up your life today with the fantastic range from www.gogifts.in.

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