5 Reasons To Gift Something Quirky

Giving someone something on their birthday or anniversary is an occasion to show you care and appreciate their love/ friendship. However when the gift you end up giving turns out to be predictable, you actually don’t appear to be as thoughtful and loving as you would like. Here are 5 reasons to give something unusual the next time you’re looking for a gift.

  1. Quirky Gifts are good for laugh – Most quirky gifts are really quite hilarious. Whether its a coughing ashtray or a retro handset, not only are they unusual, they are sure to bring out a smile if not infectious guffaw from the lucky recipient.
  2. Quirky Gifts are a great conversation piece – Given their unusual nature, they are great conversation starters when displayed at the home or office. Perfect for the friend who likes being the center of attention.
  3. Quirky Gifts show you spent some time on the gift – When you give an auto enthusiast a quirky gift like Magwheel Desktop Coasters instead of the usual shirt or wallet, there is no doubt that you made an effort to choose a really thoughtful gift.
  4. Quirky Gifts are perfect for the person who has everything – The fact is that most of the time, the person you’re shopping for has everything – enough clothes, accessories, pens and the like. That’s when quirky gifts come in handy.
  5. Quirky Gifts are Original – When you give someone a quirky gift like a comic sculpture, you can be sure that it’s not going to find a place in the box of recyclable gifts.

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