The Secret Book Safe – A Gift for the Man Who Likes a Mystery!

I don’t really get why people like spy flicks. Endless action, car chases and gruesome assassinations can get tedious for at least half the population. But for the other half, there is nothing more captivating. Yes guys love their spies but even I have to admit that there is one component that is entertaining – the gadgets and gizmos. Pens that double as bombs, watches that are also cameras, shoes that contain rocket launchers, the list goes on.

All men have little boys in them who are aching to be spies and now you have the opportunity to indulge this guilty pleasure with the Secret Book Safe from GoGifts. Designed to blend in with your library of reference books, it contains a secret compartment to store something secret, to hide away some spare cash, keys to the cupboard, or maybe romantic love letters.

Functional and stylish, the Secret Book Safe is most of all the ideal gift for a man who enjoys intrigue and mystery. Scroll down to have look at the variations.

We want to hear from you. Leave a comment and tell us your favorite spy movie gadget.

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