How do you like my Valentine’s Gift?

A lot of people did a double take, when they heard I picked a toothpick holder as a Valentine’s gift.

A toothpick holder? A toothpick holder??

While that might seem weird, I know the lengths to which I went to, over the perfect Valentine’s gift. You see, my product-designer husband is very fussy about his teeth and we have toothpick holders in every nook and corner. He even has a pack of fine willows under his pillow.

So, I went to ten of Bangalore’s most popular gift stores, looking for a toothpick holder that was out of the ordinary and unusual. All I saw was run-of-the-mill.

I then went to a boutique restaurant in Indiranagar, as a last resort. There, lo and behold, I found the toothpick holder that you see in the picture. The price tag on this was enough to get you biting your tongue, but this was a Valentine’s gift for my dear husband!!

And what do you think happened?

Vijay patiently went through layers of gift-wrapping and then finally came to that part where the toothpick holder came into view. He then dropped a jaw and raised his quivering eyebrow. “Looks more like a return gift you get at housewarmings,” he said, with a toothy grin.


5 Responses to How do you like my Valentine’s Gift?

  1. Bansi says:

    Great going KD and RC, I like the website and the idea. I wish you good luck in the new venture. There is enough shippy market in your city so think of some ideas relating to shipping like steering wheels, anchors, windows of pax ships, funnels etc…Good Luck again and all the very best.

  2. Arun Baindur says:

    Hi – why isn’t this uber cool toothpick holder in the gift catalog? How much? How can I order one?

  3. Hi, I could see that your tooth pick was a perfect valentine’s gift. Good blog guys, keep up the good work. All the very best:-)

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